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Swan Consulting is committed to making the world more beautiful….one face at a time.
The owner, Melba Czosnowski is a Certified Paramedical technician/makeup artist with years of experience in makeup makeovers combined with one on one training at Maryland’s top Permanent Cosmetics training institute.

You will be in good hands as you work together to plan a look you will be happy to live with everyday. Every patient receives a one on one consultation and planning session prior to any procedure. The goal is to help every patient achieve the look they desire.
Your experience is guaranteed to be virtually pain free under the strictest of sterization procedures.
We Listen. We advise. You choose the look you want. Safety is our number one priority.

All health department regulations are followed and strict care is given to ensure a sterile environment. Needles are discarded after each use.
We look forward to seeing you soon

Swan Consulting Permanent Cosmetics Presents

Facial Peel Social Event

Experience a professional facial and chemical peel in a convenient and enjoyable way.
Bring a friend or family member or come to make new friends while you take care of your skin and learn about the different products used in a Swan facial chemical peel and the benefits each give your face.  Bring a beauty secret to share if you have one.  Come to have fun and give your face a treat.

*A skin type survey will be completed prior to your peel to determine which level peel is best for you.