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Treat yourself to a Light Chemical Facial Peel by Swan Consulting Permanent Cosmetics

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  • Acne/clogged pores
  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age and sun spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Cronic dry skin

What is a Light Chemical Peel?

Light chemical peels are also known as glycolic acid peels or AHA chemical peels, or salicylic acid chemical peels.  Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that occurs naturally in sugar cane, is the most common ingredient of light chemical peels.  The ingredients and formulation of a light chemical peel depend upon the specific patient’s skin care needs determined at the free consultation.

A light chemical peel is a non-invasive treatment that removes the upper layers of dead and damaged skin and encourages skin cell regeneration. This type of peel provides gentle treatment for fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, and uneven pigmentation.

With light chemical peels, the chemical solution is left on the skin for a relatively short amount of time.  When applied to the face or another part of the body, the AHA chemical peel solution works by removing the outer layers of skin so that a new, smooth layer of skin is revealed. The action of the chemical solution stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, essential components of healthy, youthful skin.

Are you a candidate?

Good candidates for light chemical peels are patients who have relatively mild skin imperfections and conditions, and who want to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of their skin without the recovery time of harsher treatments. Glycolic acid peels ( AHA chemical peels) are a safe and effective way to improve the look of sun-damaged skin, and they are helpful in reducing mild acne scars and fine lines. Because these light chemical peels exfoliate the surface of the skin and unclog pores, they are also considered and effective type of chemical peel for acne treatment.

Light Chemical Peel Application

In preparation for a light chemical peel, the patient’s skin is first gently cleansed. Then the chemical solution is applied to the targeted areas. The specific formulation and concentration of the glycolic acid (AHA) solution depend on the patient’s needs.

An anesthetic is usually unnecessary for light chemical peels.  As the chemical solution works on the skin, the patient will typically feel a warm tingling or stinging sensation. After the chemical solution has been on the skin for the prescribed amount of time, It will be washed away with water and a soothing lotion applied.  A skin neutralizing solution is used to help the skins PH balance recover to normal.

The entire process of a light chemical peel usually takes less than an hour, and the patient typically experiences little skin redness or other side effects. After a light chemical peel, the patient can expect to return to daily activities immediately. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Light Chemical Peel Recovery

Light chemical peel side effects are few, and in most cases light chemical peels require no recovery time.  Your skin may be slightly irritated after a peel.  A few days post peel, your skin may flake mildly or peel lightly which is normal.  This is the dead outer skin cells shedding away.   

After your peel, you are given guidelines to follow to help ensure the success of your treatment. Generally, patients are instructed to use a gentle cleanser and specified moisturizing lotion, and to avoid exposing the treated skin to the sun.

Within a week or so following your light chemical peel, you will notice that the treated skin has improved tone, texture, and pigmentation. You should see further improvement as your course of treatments progresses.

Are Multiple Light Peels Required to Achieve Desired Results?

Unlike deep chemical peels, which require only one session, patients generally undergo two or three to light chemical peels to achieve optimal results. Continuous sessions are recommended at six month intervals to maintain the result and keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated.  Just as the formulation of the light chemical peel solution is customized for each patient, the number and spacing of the treatments varies according to individualized treatment plan for each patient. Your ideal treatment for your particular skin enhancement needs will be determined at your free consultation.