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Company : Swan Consulting Permanent Cosmetics
Website :
Aggregate Review : All Reviews 5 out of 5 , 43 votes , 48 reviews
Excellent Service  

I have been to Melba around 10 times. I have gotten several chemical peels, several micro-needling sessions, eyeliner, and a carbon laser treatment. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and I don't intend on going anywhere else. She explains every step thoroughly and is super patient. If you are contemplating on whether or not to get a service done, just do it. You won't regret it!

November 17, 2017   

I loved the experience. Very professional, & makes you feel very comfortable. Very welcoming & atmosphere. She makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable with the procedure. She explains everything in detail before and during the procedure. I felt very relaxed and positive during the entire process. It was a wonderful experience.

August 12, 2017   
Satisfied client  

Melba has amazing talent!!! She is great at what she does. She takes the time to explain everything and answers all questions you may have. Melba and MJ made me feel so comfortable like I was family. I highly recommend Melba if you are looking for the services she provides. You will definitely leave feeling satisfied with her work. Thank you Melba and MJ for a fabulous experience!!!

July 30, 2017   
Amazing results  

Melba was amazing!!!! I had a relaxing and comfortable experience getting my eyebrows tattooed. The results are Wonderful!!! I get so many compliments. The overall customer experience was great, MJ made me feel like family.
I'll be back!!!!

January 19, 2017   

This is my third appointment with Mel because she's that good. I been both at her house and now at her new location for her business. She is very clean with her tools and equipment, makes it feel very comfortable and welcoming to be there. And Mel herself is a genuine good person who will explain everything in a way that doesn't make you feel stupid or just have girl talk. I been to other eyebrow makeup artists years ago and they don't even compare to her skills. I literally didn't feel it at all, and she makes sure your involved step by step through the entire process. From beginning to end is high quality service. Let's just say if I moved I would literally fly back to Maryland just to get my eyebrows retouched by her. Amazing!!

p.s. had my eyebrows done years ago by someone else who didn't understand color and what works with someone's skin like Mel, so Mel really put her knowledge and know how to make my eyebrows look better than and ever with shape and color.

January 6, 2017   

I honestly couldn't be more pleased with the work Melba did on my eyebrows. I had overplucked them as a teenager - and pretty much had 2 skinny lines left.. if that wasn't bad enough, they were uneven! I always had to wear large sunglasses to make sure both brows were covered/so you couldn't see how uneven they were.. Anyways, Melba was amazing! She did such an awesome job evening them out and giving me the perfect arch I have always wanted. I would def. recommend her to anyone I know! Going in, I was nervous about the procedure itself and the outcome. Leaving, I couldn't have been happier. My brows look AMAZING and with the numbing cream that was used, I didn't feel a THING! From start to finish, Melba and MJ were very professional and welcoming. I am Soo happy I had it done, what a difference it made!

December 30, 2016   
Melba, you were great!! Thank You  

Melba you are great!! I've been wanting to do this for 2 years now but I've heard such scary stories on how much it was going to hurt. Let me tell you the process was amazing, I barely felt a pinch. Melba you me feel so comfortable and I want to say Thank You again. My friends and family say they really look great and natural.
Thanks Again!!

October 3, 2016   
Thank You!!  

Your Review*Thank you Melba. If I could give you more 5 stars I would. I was referred to Melba by my sister who got eyeliner procedure done. After seeing the results I set up apt with Melba. The thought of having a needle poking m y eyelids scared me. But Melba made this whole process easy. Off course there was slight discomfort but definitely not what I imagined. Very professional and informative about everything she is doing. Thank you continue with your success and will definitely recommend your services.

September 23, 2016   

For years I had to deal with not having eyebrows. I would have to draw them on every morning, worry about them coming off in the middle of the day. Couldn't/wouldn't partake in water activities. Had my 1st session about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier, even my self confidence has gone up. couldn't be happier. Best thing i've ever done.

September 6, 2016   
Melba is amazing!  

My decision to have my eyebrows tattooed came wasn't made lightly. After all, it's still a tattoo....on my face. My eyebrows began to thin and the tails stopped growing in as a result of hypothyroidism. And I was tired of always smudging my eyebrow pencil. My experience at Swan was extremely pleasant. And the environment was sterile and comfy. Melba was patient, listened to my concerns and took her time in mixing the right color tones for my brown skin. I wish I could post a pic - love my look!!

September 1, 2016   

I just love, love Melba she is the best. I got my eyebrow and skin done. My eyebrows look natural. The prices are great and the service are excellent. I am extremely happy with the results. Melba is by far the best permanent cosmetic consultant. I judge this by looking at other people who got their eyebrows done and how much different the results are. I am getting eyeliner next and is on a treatment plan for my skin. SO VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS.

June 30, 2016   

I have gotten so many beautiful complements about my eyebrows! I feel so confident and beautiful now when I dress up! Thank you so much!

June 22, 2016   

Went to get my permanent eyebrows today, and I must say I am overly ecstatic with the results. My eyebrows look so real, and make me feel like a new person. Both Melba and MJ were the best (so pleasant) & they did an excellent job in explaining the before and aftercare procedures. Melba did an excellent job by ensuring my eyebrows had a natural look and enhanced my facial shape. Everything from the color, to the method and to how they look right now is great. I wish I would have done this a long time ago, but glad I finally went. I would recommend her any day. If your eyebrows are unbecoming to you, then you should be going to Swan Consulting. ~Happy & Satisfied Client

June 10, 2016   

I was so looking forward to visiting the in home office but Melba has moved locations in the interim from my booking to my appointment. However, the new space is clean, well stocked, hygenic and comfortable. Melba is such a pro and amazing at her craft. I highly recommend her services. It was almost like visiting an old friend who happens to be fantastic at permanent makeup!

June 8, 2016   

I waited a year to leave a review. I wanted to wait to see if the results lasted, and it has. Melba was great with explaining the process, and she was always available for questions or concerns. I had zero issues. My eyebrows still look amazing. I receive compliments often. People are always amazed when I tell them they're tattooed. I've recommend Melba to countless friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. I'll definitely be returning. Thanks again Melba!

June 4, 2016   

I waited a year to leave a review. I wanted to wait to see if the results lasted, and it has. Melba was great with explaining the process, and she was always available for questions or concerns. I had zero issues. My eyebrows still look amazing. I receive compliments often. People are always amazed when I tell them they're tattooed. I've recommend Melba to countless friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. I'll definitely be returning. Thanks again Melba!

June 4, 2016   

I waited a little over a month to post my review so I could see the final results. I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows. It's amazing how much of a difference they make in my look. I save 12 minutes a day not having to draw them on. The hair stroke technique looks unbelievably real. I get so many compliments on them and people have no idea they are tattoos. I would recommend this to anyone who may be on the fence. In regards to the procedure, it was painless. There were a few pinches that weren't comfortable but NO PAIN. Melba took a lot of time in understanding the look I was trying to achieve, making me feel comfortable and allowing me to see what it would look like before she began the procedure. The aftercare instructions were explained thoroughly. They were simple and yielded my desired results. If I could give Swan Consulting more than 5 stars I would. I can truly say in my Beyonce voice, "I woke up like this!"

June 3, 2016   

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new eyebrows!!!!!!! Melba answered all my questions as well as explaining in detail how the procedure would take place and expected results. She took all necessary steps to make me feel comfortable and at ease. I now have eyebrows that look like actual strands of hair and not a penciled in look. Thank you Melba for your excellent work.

May 23, 2016   

I had the pleasure of getting my eyebrows and my eyelids tattooed by a professional, "Melba." Melba was very patient, she explained every procedure to me, before and after. Her worksite is VERY clean and professional. If you're looking for a professional permanent cosmetic artist, Melba is definitely the one. I am very pleased with my permanent cosmetic tattoos, done by Melba at Swan Consulting Permanent Cosmetics.

May 7, 2016   

I am loving my new look...eyebrows! Yes, I am please and I will recommend her services to others. Great job Melba!!!!!

April 2, 2016   

I went to Melba for eyebrows on 12/4/2015, they look fabulous. Get tons of compliments on them. I had very blonde hair that you couldn't even see and now they are Beautiful. Melba takes her time with the design. She is outstanding. Melba made me feel very at ease and getting the tattoo done. It took me 3 years to finally get the courage up. Thank you! Can't wait to get my liner done.
I was just there on the 1/9 and got my eyeliner done, it looks awesome. I am so happy with my make up. Save me so much time. Thank you Melba!

January 11, 2016   

Melba is just the best and amazing! She's very professional and a true artist. Thank you so much for my new eyebrows.

January 4, 2016   

Melba was very detailed and explained the process of eyebrow tattooing during each phase of the process.

December 6, 2015   

I should have had my eyebrows done 10 years ago by Melba!!!! She is simply the best! I'm so happy! I hardly had any eyebrows to start with and had to pencil them in daily. Of course, I lost them when I went swimming, etc. Now I can 'sweat' and swim without worries! Melba, you're the greatest!

December 2, 2015   

she did my eye brows and it look beautiful I love it

September 13, 2015   

I had been contemplating having my eyebrows & lips done for several years & had actually had consulted two other permanent makeup artists. I had misplaced their business cards & researched artists on the internet. That's when I discovered Melba at Swan Consulting. I read her reviews as well as the total procedures she had performed. I am happy I did as she is wonderful; She did an excellent job on my brows & lips & I would recommend her in an instant. It's so nice to see brows 🙂

September 8, 2015   

What can I say about my experience with Melba.... from the first call she answered every question I had as I was a bit standoffish in getting this procedure done. Melba has truly MASTERED her craft in makeup artistry, in fact the woman is "THE BOMB.COM"!! There is no one in the DMV that I have heard of that can be compared. The environment and experience was so comforting and special,it speaks volumes of her professionalism in this industry. The entire experience was AWESOME, I was a little nervous as we discussed the possibility of me get my eyeliner, after she went over the entire procedure I felt so comfortable, I went for it, and they look GREAT!! She explained every step of the procedure and as she proceeded she advised me of what she was doing and why. She didn't do anything without explaining what, when and how. When it was time to begin, I felt like a child safe with her mom. If you EVER consider this procedure, PLEASE PLEASE see Melba first, as she is more concerned about quality over quantity and it shows in her work, as a person with an unsteady hand, I do not have to worry about the perfect line and angles anymore, needless to say I will be spending less time primping my face.
Melba, you are truly "THE BOMB.COM"!!
Many Blessings ans see you soon

July 31, 2015   

Excellent job, Melba! My eyebrows give me a totally different appearance. I'm very happy with this "transformation".Thank you for your patience and your professionalism. Greetings to your wonderful family. Hope to see you soon!

July 20, 2015   

Melba is fantastic! She is a true professional. I love my eyebrows.

July 19, 2015   

First off let me start by saying if you are looking for someone to do your eyebrows Melba is the person that you want,She's very good at what she does. Not only that she's very friendly, funny and kind person.i love what she did for me because the person that did it before didn't do to good so she had to work over it and she did a very good job.So thanks again Melba. Done on 7-6-2015

July 7, 2015   

Melba is simply amazing at what she does, I had my brows and eye liner and it looks absolutely beautiful I feel better about my self! Melba is very professional about her work she makes you feel very comfortable and explains step by step, she takes her time with you to make sure you get the look that you want. Melba's spa is very clean and sterile, Melba pays at lot of attention to detail to make sure that you are happy!

June 22, 2015   

Very professional and caring. Explains procedure in detail with aftercare instructions and products. After my 1st treatment I noticed results! The best in the DMV hands down!

June 14, 2015   

If you are looking for excellent results and a great experience, go to Swan Consulting to have your brows done. Melba, is the best in the business. She is clean, professional, explain the entire processes. I, would definitely refer her to ANYONE looking to get permanent cosmetic. Do not hesitate call Melba to get those FLEEK eyebrows.

May 31, 2015   

Was a great experience. Love my new eyebrows. Very happy customer

May 29, 2015   

I went to Melba so she could help me correct a bad tattoo job of my eyebrows I got back in 2000. She was very patient with me & my needs. I went in with an open mind. She exceeded my expectations. Very clean & neat studio. Everything was sterilized. Very relaxing atmosphere while she worked. I would definitely refer her to ANYONE looking to get permanent cosmetic.

March 30, 2015   

Very professional. Made sure pain level was under control. Took time to make sure I understood everything. Melba made sure that I was happy with design. Will definitely go back and refer friends.

March 22, 2015   

I am an african american female that have thick but short brows. I am always hesitiant to have them waxed at a salon because they always make them short and then try to fill them in with a pencil. I am very active and have oily skin so makeup pencils does not work on my face. I searched online and found Melba with Swan. I visited Swan and to start, the service is done in the basement, that has been converted into what looks like a spa. Very clean and relaxing! The topical anesthesia used was perfect as i had very little pain. The icing on the cake was my brows are awesome and Melba is amazing!...very thorough. I am going back tomorrow (6weeks later for my touch up) just because i am a perfectionist and it is offered at an additional $50 fee. Both brows were $300. I have also decided to get my lower lids done, tomorrow. I am a very happy camper!

March 19, 2015   

I had permanent eyeliner done by Melba about six weeks ago. The top lids are thick and slightly winged and the bottom lids are a thinner more natural line. I absolutely LOVE them!! Melba was very professional and very thorough with explaining the complete procedure. She immediately made me feel at ease and erased any fears I was experiencing at the time. I have to admit that I have no tolerance for pain, but this was a breeze thanks to the numbing gel Melba used. This was my first tattoo ever so I'm relieved the experience was so easy! After the gel wore off, pain was minimal and swelling wasn't bad at all. I iced my eyes for a few days to help with the swelling. I go back this Saturday for my touch-up appointment to complete the procedure, but I feel very little is needed as Melba did such a good job at the first appointment. All my friends and relatives love how my eyes look. I only wish I had done this years ago! Thank you so much Melba!!!

March 16, 2015   

Melba’s scar camouflage/treatment service is flat out confidence uplifting Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Her professionalism, artistry, and attention to detail camouflaged a keloid scar that I had for twenty-years. Melba was very responsive to my voice-mail for an initial consultation and performed my first treatment shortly afterwards. Melba’s office is private, professional, and relaxing. Melba is Simply the Best and in addition to her expert services evident by her body of work, her warm caring spirit eased any concern I had regarding permanent make-up. I’m grateful to have found her and would recommend her services to anyone.

March 13, 2015   

Melba is the best. I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done I am so happy with the results. She does beautiful work

March 5, 2015   

After years and years of filling in my brows , I finally decided to go with doing permanent cosmetics . I came across swan cosmetics on a google search , and it was the best decision I could have made . Life changing to be exact . Melba was very professional , understanding , patient , and friendly ,And she made sure I was satisfied with my brows before and after the process . Great experience and decision !! I would definitely recommend her , if your going with permanent cosmetics !!!

February 28, 2015   

she did my permanent eye liner and did a great job the top and bottom and it did not hurt a bit.

February 24, 2015   

If you are looking for excellent results and a great experience, go to Swan Consulting to have your brows done. It was the best decision I have ever made. Since Melba did my brows, I have referred three friends and everyone has been estatic about their results

February 20, 2015   

I got permanent eye liner to my upper lids. Melba made my experience very comfortable as she talked me thru every procedure she performed to get me the look I desired to have. I highly recommend her service was professional and courteous I almost fell asleep while she was working on my eyes I was so comfortable. Yes permanent cosmetics is the way to go if you are looking for that perfect look.

January 24, 2015   

Flawless quality! I loved my experience with Melba! She's and a true artist. I'm so happy that I found her. My eye brows were thinning and Melba gave my face life and it's was beyond worth it. Melba''s practice is clean, aesthetically pleasing and comforting! I highly recommend Melba. She spends the time with each client to make sure they are happy. She's the real deal. So much so I've had permanent eyeliner and facial and back chemical peels.

December 19, 2014   

I've had permanent eyeliner done by Melba - she has a great touch, making the process as painless and pleasant as possible; her sense of color and aesthetics are wonderful as well. No thick, fake-looking lines - Melba deftly adds the color that you need, leaving you looking natural but with that "pop" that so many faces need. I've gone back for bolder lines and a touch up and have always walked away very pleased. If you are considering permanent makeup - this is the artist to use!

November 19, 2014   

I started using Swan about 4 years ago. Best thing I have ever done. As a teenager I was an OVER Plucker on the eye brows , never knowing they would be that way for life. As an adult I really wanted to have fuller , better shaped and equally balanced eye brows. NOW I DO!!! I have easily recommended dozens upon dozens of my friends. The best compliment of all is when someone I don't even know tells my I have awesome eye brows. The flip when I tell them they are tattooed along with my natural ones. I will never go back!!! Thanks Melba, you are the best !!

June 25, 2014   

I went to Melba to have my eyebrows done I am extremely happy with the results. She took her time explained the procedure in detail and made me feel comfortable. She is very professional and truly a gifted and talented artist. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. I will be returning to her for eyeliner soon

November 30, -0001