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Swan Consulting Permanent Cosmetics Presents

Facial Peel Social Event

Experience a professional facial and chemical peel in a convenient and enjoyable way.  Bring a friend or family member or come to make new friends while you take care of your skin and learn about the different products used in a Swan facial chemical peel and the benefits each give your face.  Bring a beauty secret to share if you have one.  Come to have fun and give your face a treat.

*A skin type survey will be completed prior to your peel to determine which level peel is best for you.

Maximum capacity is 8 guests.  Events held monthly and book quickly, so please RSVP early.

Cost:  $75.00 per guest  (50% discount from regular price)

Detoxifying beverages and spirits will be served with healthy Hors d’oeuvres

Next Event date:  Friday, April 18, 2014

Event Time:  Arrive promptly at 6:00 pm and plan to stay up until 10pm.

Location:  Swan Consulting Permanent Cosmetics in-home clinic.  7207 Sauers Court, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Please RSVP by submitting contact form found on website.

First come, first serve.

Future event dates:
April 18th,  May 9th,  and May 30th.

Event Agenda:

6pm-detoxifying beverages and spirits served with healthy snacks and appetizers to enjoy while you complete skin type survey and paperwork

7pm-Facial instructions and prep begins in group setting.  At this time you will learn details regarding the products that will be used during your facial experience and great benefits your skin will received from your participation.

7:20 pm-Face cleanse and prep .

7:45pm-10pm-Peel sessions begin and take approximately 10-15 minutes per guest.  During this time, continue to enjoy refreshments and mingle until your turn.  Once your turn is complete, feel free to return to the group and enjoy the food and company.

Products in the order they will be used during your session:

  • Facial cleaner-Self applied
  • Swan Consulting Collagen Toner-Self applied
  • Peel-level will be determined based on your skin survey-Technician applied
  • Skin PH Neutralizer-Technician applied
  • Japanese Green and White Tea with Aloe Cooling Gel.  Self applied.  Wait 10-15 minutes and allow to dry
  • B5 Complex/ Hyaluronic Acid.  Self Applied.  Wait 10 minutes and allow to dry
  • Antioxident Face Cream/After Peel Skin Moisturizer to speed healing.  Self applied.  After this is gently rubbed in all over, do not touch your face anymore….your facial is complete.

Follow after care instructions below.

  1. Gently clean your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or the Cellbone Cleanser used today prior to your treatment, or try using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
  2. Please do not pick or pull your skin at any time after your peel as this could scar you. Your skin generally takes about 4 to 7 days to completely peel depending on the strength of the peel or treatment you received. Receiving a body, chest or arm peel, can often take longer to heal and peel (up to 3 weeks).
  3. Please don’t exfoliate using a cleansing brush or any type of scrub or acid based products for two weeks.
  4. Please don’t use any products that contain AHA, Glycolic, Retin­-A, or any Acne medication until your skin is completely finished peeling, usually 7 days and possibly longer.
  5. Keep your skin very hydrated by drinking tons of water and moisturizing it throughout the day with a highly emollient moisturizer like Aquaphor or CerAve day and night. Reapply throughout the day as often as needed. Skin should never be so dry that it is cracking or sore.
  6. Finally, use SPF 30 or higher like crazy throughout the dayReapply, reapply, reapply for this will limit your skin from burning from the sun (even when it’s cloudy out or when sitting by a window) and will minimize you from producing more sun-damage and discoloration.
  7. No waxing, tanning, or sunbeds for two or three weeks.
  8. Avoid working out and sweating for at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours.
  9. If at any time your skin becomes itchy, you may use a hydrocortisone cream of 1% (any brand) and apply as needed.

…………making the world more beautiful, ….one face at a time.